4 thoughts on “Human rights explained in a beautiful two-minute animation

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  2. Very effective video. But I have one question

    At 28 seconds in, the narrator says that “some [people]” want to “scrap” human rights. Who does this refer to?

    It’s clear from it’s position in the video that the remark isn’t a reference to scrapping the HRA or even pulling out of the ECHR. It’s a reference to scrapping the rights themselves. This “threat” to “our rights” is given as the reason for the educational content that follows.

    So, is the video referring to anyone in particular when it makes the statement that some people want to scrap our rights? And, more particularly, is it referring to anyone with any power in the land?

    [I’m sure I don’t need to add this final paragraph on a site with readers as erudite as this one, but the politicians and press who have famously called for the replacement of the HRA and/or for Britain to leave the ECHR aren’t proposing to scrap the rights. They want disputes over the rights to be determined by UK courts, rather than in Strasbourg, and future changes in the wording determined by the UK legislature rather than through a treaty under the auspices of the Council of Europe.]

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