This is how to volunteer for the Human Rights Information Project

PrintThe deadline for applications has now closed. Than you to the many, many people who applied. Keep an eye on the UK Human Rights Blog for more opportunities to help out.

You can find out more about HRIP here and also follow @rights_info on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “This is how to volunteer for the Human Rights Information Project

  1. I know how difficult it can be to distil complicated technical concepts into clear layman’s terms without losing or warping the sense of them, as that’s something I do professionally. I wish you the best of luck with this; we desperately need a user-friendly and reliable one-stop guide to human rights, and how the law works.

  2. Hello Adam, how can you credibly claim ‘to explain why human rights matter’, if all people who work on the project – except you, I suppose – receive a remuneration of exactly 0? Or would you say that this non-existing salary constitutes ‘just and favourable remuneration’ according to Article 23(3) UDHR?

    • Robin – thank you for the comment. We have a paid post, which is advertised separately. The Project Volunteers are exactly that – volunteers. If they don’t want to volunteer, they don’t have to. I see the issue though and I am working on it.

  3. Will there be any other opportunities in the near future? I think I might have left it a bit late to apply this time

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