New look – thanks for all of your comments

6 February 2011 by

We have finished experimenting with the new look for now. Thank you for all of your comments, which will be taken on board for the future. Keep posted for exciting changes as we reach our first anniversary.

One change which we will keep on is the more advanced menu system at the top of the page. If you hover over the first two menus, a series of sub menus will appear, hopefully making the site a little bit easier to navigate.


  1. mei1 says:

    A fresh look but I prefer the current template as the front page looks fairly neat & comfortable. The new one has too much spaces / gaps between the articles.

    Colour wise, still prefer the current one to the greyish-blue which looks a bit too serious and cheerless.

    Think that the featured posts could be posted on top right-hand side as it’s a bit distracting & ‘dizzy’ to have something that keeps moving on top.

    Just my 2 cents. What say you?

  2. ObiterJ says:

    I liked the new one and commented on Twitter. It looked very clean looking and modern. Not that the the old website is bad. In fact, it is very good. Well done !

  3. Libertarian says:

    It weren’t broke ~ why fix it?

  4. Adam Wagner says:

    MM – I have changed the colours slightly to make it look a bit more jazzy! We should soon be able to personalise a bit more.

    NL – I have slowed down the cycle. The page moving up and down is a bug which hopefully will be sorted soon.

    You are right about the tag links. Looking into it.

    Thanks for the comments

  5. NL says:

    I like the overall look – but I like a fairly minimal style anyway.

    The featured posts at the top of the first page are a good idea, but the cycle is a bit too rapid and I find the alteration in the size of the box, so that the top of the first post below slides up and down to be distracting and make reading the first page difficult.

    Your tag links are still going to wordpress, rather than the tag archive on this blog (I hadn’t noticed that it did that before).

  6. MM says:

    I have forgotten the old, as I usually look at RSS feed. I like the cleanness, but I think the site looks antiseptic and slightly boring, unfortunately. The navigation etc. is excellent. I think the narrow range of colours is part of the problem (just my opinion of course): looks like a slightly old-fashioned government site.

  7. Dr Lofthouse says:

    like it!

  8. John O says:

    100% better

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