Liability of private hospitals seminar: two new podcasts

Recently the clinical negligence team at 1 Crown Office Row held a seminar debating the liability of private hospitals and clinics. In “Lessons learned from the Paterson litigation” two talks on the topic were given then a case scenario was presented for the panel to discuss. Making up the claimant’s panel are Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC and Robert Kellar. For the defendants are John Whitting QC and Jeremy Hyam QC.  The event was chaired by Dame Christina Lambert.

We have recorded the case scenarios for Law Pod UK which are now available for download: tune in to Episode 30 (part 1) and Episode 31 part 2).

Law Pod UK is available for free download from iTunes, Audioboom and Overcast.

One thought on “Liability of private hospitals seminar: two new podcasts

  1. Investigations should also be undertaken into amputations of human limbs particurlary, when more than one has been amputated from the same person. The reason being, surgeons from the NHS have been paid double commission when more than one limb is amputated from the same Human.
    In the name of Justice these devastating experiences on the victims must be investigated.

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