The UKHRB launches new podcast stream

In a few weeks’ time we hope to have regular podcasts of our roundups and other legal news available from iTunes for subscription or one off downloads. In the meantime here’s a link to my interview with Sarah-Jane Ewart, where we’re talking about the events and cases she has covered in her most recent roundup for the UK Human Rights Blog. I’ve converted this audiofile to MP3 format so it should be easy to download onto any device and does not take up much room. We will let you know as soon as the full UK Human Rights Podcast series is launched for download onto your smartphone or wherever you like listening to audio.





One thought on “The UKHRB launches new podcast stream

  1. The concept is good, but the spoken word requires that speakers possess voices that are attractive to listen to; a problem that is increasing with the BBC’s desire to broadcast to all ears in all regions. The result has become a pot-pourri of difficult to understand, dialect-rich voices that blur into a cacophony of glottal stops making comfortable listening impossible. Regional accents are fine, but all words must be enunciated (not to be confused with received pronunciation) clearly in a tone that does not grate on the ear.

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