Are you a student interested in human rights? The JUSTICE Student Conference is for you!

8 March 2016 by

lady.justiceThe JUSTICE Student Conference 2016 is on 19 March 2016, at the University of Law in London. The full programme is available here and you can book online here.

Spend a Saturday talking human rights and the Human Rights Act with Dominic Grieve QC, Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty, and the JUSTICE team.

As the Prime Minister and the Lord Chancellor commit to a consultation on repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998, we brace for one of the most important legal and political debates of recent times.

Every year JUSTICE hosts its Annual Student Conference, an informal day designed for our student network and our student members.  This year’s theme had to be the Human Rights Act 1998.

JUSTICE is committed to ensuring that human rights are respected by each of the institutions of Government in the UK; and protected by our justice system.

Since 2000, the Human Rights Act has given all of us the right to challenge law, policy and practice which breaches individual rights and our courts the ability to provide a remedy when public bodies fall short. Yet, the Government proposes its repeal.

Join us to discuss the highs and lows of the Act’s operation, reflect on the success stories that don’t make the front pages and consider the future of human rights protection in UK law.

Meet with the JUSTICE team and leading practitioners in their fields to discuss the role the HRA plays in protecting individual rights in our justice system, the impact of the latest proposals for repeal and the future of human rights practice.

The full programme is available here.

You can book online here.

Harley Freemantle is the Student Network Fellow at JUSTICE.  JUSTICE is the UK Branch of the International Commission of Jurists and one of the UK’s oldest law reform organisations.  It works to improve the justice system and the protection of the rights of individuals within it.  Find out more about JUSTICE here or follow us on Twitter (@JUSTICEhq)


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  2. I am interested. I think it will be a great and meaningful conference for me. This conference is really helping me to acquire grate information about human rights law. It also helping justice student to know the right knowledge about human rights. Thanks for this arrangement.

  3. Andrew says:

    Will anybody speak up for the right of the individual to go about his or her lawful private occasions without being bothered by demonstrators, boycotters, or other busybodies?

    Lawful private occasions includes using an airport, reading the Sun, and buying Israeli produce.

    If you don’t like it – problem solved – lump it.

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