The European Convention on Human Rights in 16 beautiful infographics

rightsinfo-bundle01-lrgI’m very excited to tell you about RightsInfo’s new project, #YourHumanRights. We have produced 16 beautiful infographics each representing a key right in the European Convention. They don’t just show the text, but also explain in plain-English where the rights come come from, what they mean and why they matter

Click here to see Your Human Rights

Wait! There’s more…

Everyone is welcome to download and print these infographics for free by clicking the “download” link.

But if you or your organisation want a professional-quality print, for the first time on RightsInfo, you can order prints from our partner Magnolia Box. Each article is available as an individual poster for either £9 or £12 depending on size – buying the set saves you at least £40. We even have framed versions, and postcards, perfect timing with the holiday season just around the corner!

RightsInfo is part of Global Dialogue, a charity, so we are not out to make a profit. But we have been asked so many times for professional quality printing options, we decided to open this up for these infographics.

Please share these infographics to get the word out about why human rights matter.

6 thoughts on “The European Convention on Human Rights in 16 beautiful infographics

  1. In public libraries, downloading the article 3 from here, is censored out, as is all Guardian stories that they think that the public shouldn’t have access to, so it is an incomplete set!

    Maybe we need democracy before we can know what our rights are.

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  3. Excellent posters – but I’m very disappointed that your Article 9 poster does not cite Humanism as a non-religious belief, especially when the British Humanist Association’s campaigns are so heavily based on the HRA (including resort to the courts, as on assisted dying in the Supreme Court, or the JFS case, or next Tuesday’s JR of the DfE on GCSE RS syllabuses). Instead it cites veganism and environmentalism, to which the application of the Article has not (so far I as I can recall) been tested above the level of a tribunal. Nor does the poster cover the Kokkinakis ‘unconcerned’.

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