Bringing rights to your mobile

MobileA quick post to announce that the UK Human Rights Blog has now been optimised for mobile use.

We hope this will mean a slicker (and less eye-straining) experience when accessing the latest human rights news and analysis on your smartphones and tablets.

You shouldn’t have to download anything to access the site in its new format – just go to from your hand-held device!

4 thoughts on “Bringing rights to your mobile

  1. Much better as I tend to visit your site much more from my Note Edge than I do from my laptops. One issue, though it might be early days teething problems, but when I clicked the reply button for this page rather than the article’s link, the page wouldn’t finish loading even on multiple refreshes but from the article’s main link on the mobile front page it opened immediately.

    That aside I like the new mobile site as the main one was quite messy on a mobile.

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