The 50 human rights cases that transformed Britain


Today, I am delighted to launch a major new RightsInsfo infographic, the 50 Human Rights Cases That Transformed Britain.  For the full experience, make sure you access it on a desktop computer.

Since RightsInfo launched two months ago, we have had over 300,000 hits and now have over 10,000 followers across social media. It has already been an amazing journey and we feel that this is the beginning of something very special.

v-9#50cases has been contributed to by top legal academics, writers and human rights experts through crowdsourcing on this blog. Along with our amazing infographic, each of the 50 landmark cases has also been translated  into a plain-English, bitesize story. It is by the most comprehensive study so far as to what human rights have done for Britain.

v-12As the government seeks to reform human rights laws, it is crucial for people to understand what effect human rights have had on our society. This project shows that the European Convention on Human Rights and Human Rights Act have had a profound impact on British society. The #50cases project shows that human rights are not just for terrorists and criminals, but affect all of us.

The RightsInfo volunteer team, Information is Beautiful Studio and I have put a lot of work into this project. Please explore, engage and, most of all, enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “The 50 human rights cases that transformed Britain

  1. The thing I find very puzzling, is that in the UK, little baby boys have not the same rights, as little baby girls.

  2. This government have a hidden agenda to scrap the HRA AND the FOIA which would give them a clear playing field to do as they wish .
    They have already gagged Joe Public with the recent Court of Appeal Case C3/2013/1855 Dransfield v ICO which, in essence compromises the Justice Goddard Inquiry.
    The ICO are in MELTDOWN and Christopher Graham is complicit with hundreds of Public Authorities to prevent the release of embarrassing information.

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