RightsInfo is here! Human Rights Information to Share

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.16.46I am  delighted to announce the launch of my new human rights initiative, RightsInfo. The site has just gone live at www.rightsinfo.org. Visit, share, subscribe by email and enjoy!

RightsInfo will use social media to improve public understanding of human rights. Our brilliant new website provides clear, reliable and beautiful human rights information to share.

I have been working closely with a large team of volunteers and the amazing Information is Beautiful Studios to build a space which looks and feels like nothing that has come before it. Here are some of RightsInfo’s great features:

I really hope you enjoy the site, which will tie in closely with the work we will continue to do at the UK Human Rights Blog.


2 thoughts on “RightsInfo is here! Human Rights Information to Share

  1. I want to know what I can do to help with the xenophobic situation in South Africa. I am a Zimbabwean based in uk and I’m very disappointed about what is happening to our people and other foreign nationals there. We in Zimbabwe actually looked after their refugees from apartheid.

  2. Like the sound of Rightinfo! Just hope it doesn’t get confused with Rightmove! You may have more hits than you expected.

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