The Law in These Parts – this Sunday, 2:30pm

6 November 2012 by

A quick note to say that the UK Jewish Film Festival is showing a fascinating new Israeli documentary (with subtitles), The Law in These Parts, this Sunday at 2:30pm at the Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn. The film will be followed by a discussion, chaired by me, between Danny Friedman of Matrix chambers and Jonathan Turner of 13 Old Square chambers. All details are here.

I have seen the film and it is excellent. It is an examination of legal proceedings in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967. The documentary is made up almost entirely of interviews with former judges in Israel’s security courts, including a Supreme Court justice, which in itself of great interest. Although the legal and moral issues faced up to in the film are in one way unique to Israel, many from the UK legal community will recognise themes in relation to Northern Ireland during the Troubles, as well as broader problems which we are still grappling with involving the use of secret evidence and evidence obtained by torture.

In short, one of the best legal documentaries I have seen, and highly recommended (not just by me – Newsweek described it as “a gripping new documentary“). I hope to see you there, do come and say hello if you can make it. Book here – trailer below

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  1. Laila Namdarkhan says:

    Oh! Remind me did Uk occupy N. Ireland I thought it was part of UK?
    Is this documentary a justification for Israels illegal occupation of Palestine. The Internstional Law says what it does is illegal even though Israel says they are not an occupying force but dealing with issues over disputed lands. Perhaps as lawyers you can tell me who is right???

  2. Raymond Ocampo says:

    What could ever induce you to urge such a film for the countries surrounding Israel and calling for her destruction? Answer: nothing. You’re as afraid of Muslims as your parents and grandparents were of Hitler before WW2. Human rights count only when Israel is on the stand–not when the surrounding tyrannies and jihadists are concerned. But … congratulations!
    Your dear parents and grandparents, could they see you now, would be proud of their continued strain of cowardice and hypocrisy. Churchill knew and wrote about it … but you have ignored him and the lessons presumably obvious to anyone–but anyone– in the course and aftermath of WW2. Keep telling democracies how unworthy they are, and keep encouraging the despots who are immune from your gaze, let alone understanding.

  3. goggzilla says:


  4. olga says:

    For those of us that will not have the chance to attend ,is there any other way that we can watch this documentary?Because I find it very interesting!Thank you

  5. Avellana says:

    Any chance of this coming to Inverness? Eden Court Theatre? We need some lessons learned in the face of potential division, ugly Nationalism and border control.

  6. James Lawson says:

    An interesting analysis of how years of terrorism can undermine and destroy the very fabric of a country’s legal system. Chapter 8 of the documentary is available on ‘U’Tube:

    1. Laila Namdarkhan says:

      So tell me who are the terrorists you are referring to? From what I understand Israel was founded by terrorists the stern gang et al. You need to be careful on the use of such language when it comes to Israeli treatment of Palestonians the human rights laws are broken every minute of the day. I have witnessed at first hand how the Israeli occupation forces behave .

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