Major UK Human Rights Review launched

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, a statutory body which monitors UK human rights and equalities protections, has today published a major review of human rights protections in the UK. It provides a timely reminder of the enormous amount of work which public authorities have had to put in since the Human Rights Act came into law to ensure that their everyday activities comply with protections granted by the European Convention on Human Rights.

I took part in a very interesting panel discussion at today’s launch event – the video can be seen here. The review is worth reading. It provides a thorough examination of the effect of the Human Rights Act 1998, 12 years after it came into law. This is timely, given that the operation of the HRA is currently being reviewed by the Commission on a Bill of Rights. It is helpful to have a detailed and thoughtful review to contrast with the often shrill media reporting of the “hated” (The Sun’s preferred prefix) Human Rights Act.

Links to the report’s various sections are below the page break.


Launch event video, 5 March 2012

6 thoughts on “Major UK Human Rights Review launched

  1. Why are there so few people of law speaking out about the ‘forced labour’ of ‘workfare’ that the human rights-abusing UK is enforcing under vile welfare reform?

  2. ! can find no mention of the seriously negative impact that the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 has had on British peoples Article 1
    Article 6 and Article 8. Has this been investigated?

  3. The EHRC is juts a waste of money who look fo rmakework schemes of no relevance to today and not only that but they do not take on the issues of Human Rights violations which is their primary function.
    Thankfully I can go over their head to Strasbourg.

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