One month to apply for Human Rights Lawyers Association bursary scheme

Are you a current or recent law student looking for funding to undertake a human rights project in the UK or abroad? The Human Rights Lawyers Association, of which I am a committee member, has £6,000 to give away for its 2011 bursary scheme.

The closing date for applications is 8 May 2011. For full details, click here or continue reading.

The bursaries are available to current or recent students of law undergraduate degrees, postgraduate studies in law, the Law Conversion Course, BPTC or LPC.

The HRLA provides around 5 awards from a maximum annual bursary fund of £6,000, provided there are suitable applicants. A single award will not normally total more than £1,000.

A successful applicant will be granted an award to enable him or her to undertake either unfunded or low paid short-term work that is related, in some way, to UK human rights law, although it does not need to be in the UK. This award scheme is designed to assist people who, otherwise, would be unable to undertake work/an internship because they would lack the financial means.

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