The top 20 posts of 2010

Below are the 20 top posts on the UK Human Rights Blog in 2010. It is fascinating to see which posts generate the most views.

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UK Human Rights Blog – Top 20 posts

  1. Full body scanners now compulsory for Manchester air passengers
  2. Wikileaks and the arrest of Julian Assange
  3. Legal aid cuts announced, significant reduction in funding of civil and family cases
  4. Could human rights save X Factor’s Gamu?
  5. Pilot accused of 9/11 plot entitled to compensation
  6. British Airways strike and human rights – the union strikes back
  7. Man arrested for child photos entitled to human rights damages
  8. France expulsion of Roma: the EU law perspective
  9. Exclusion of Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik was lawful, says High Court
  10. The future of human rights, a decade on
  11. Rooney, Coulson and Hague scandals reveal the need for more, not less, press protection
  12. Anonymity ain’t here anymore for Take That’s Howard Donald
  13. European Court of Human Rights sharpens its teeth
  14. The Stig revealed: why, and does it matter?
  15. Sexual orientation removed from UN resolution condemning executions
  16. New “loss of control” defence as murder law reforms take effect
  17. Sex offenders’ lifelong living and travel restrictions were breach of human rights
  18. Justice cuts to be 50% more than first thought
  19. Equality Act in force today, but ‘socialism’ clause looks doomed
  20. Family legal aid tender process was “unfair, unlawful and irrational”



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