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There are a number of ways to keep regularly updated with the UK Human Rights Blog.

1. Free instant, daily or weekly email updates

You can subscribe to the UK Human Rights Blog by entering your email address into the “Email Subscription” box on the right sidebar of this page. Subscription is free and you can sign up to instant, daily or weekly email alerts. You can unsubscribe or manage the regularity of your updates at any time. If you have a Gmail account, you may have to check that the emails are not going into your ‘spam’ mailbox.

The email will arrive in your inbox looking very much like the UK Human  Rights Blog itself:

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2. Become a Facebook fan

The UK Human Rights Blog has a dedicated Facebook “fan page”, which can be found here. The page replicates the content on the Blog. If you become a fan (you will need a Facebook account to do this), then whenever a new post appears on the Blog, you will receive a notification on your Facebook news feed.

3. Follow us on Twitter

You can find the UK Human Rights Blog twitter feed here, under @ukhumanrightsb. The Blog instantly tweets (i.e. posts on Twitter) each new post. If you have a Twitter account, you can become a follower of the Blog’s tweets, so you will be notified of a new post as soon as it is posted.

You can also follow some of the Blog’s contributors using the following accounts:

Adam Wagner – @adamwagner1

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Angus McCullough QC – @AMcCQC

Isabel McArdle – @isabelmcardle

Maria Roche – @dialmformaria

4. Follow on your mobile phone

The Blog is specially formatted for certain phones, such as iPhones and Blackberrys, so you can keep up to date whilst you are on the move. When you access the usual address, you will see a specially formatted version of the site:


5. Follow on RSS

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