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The UK Human Rights Blog case table incorporates many (but not all) of the reported human rights cases in the UK, as well as a short description of the case and at link to where it has been written about. Please contact us if you are aware of any reported or unreported cases which we have missed out.

The table was created and is maintained by Hannah Manson, a law student and committee member of the Human Rights Lawyers Association. It will be updated regularly; for a list of new human rights cases updated daily, click here.

The table is a Google Document, which explains the slightly truncated formatting. You can click here to see a wider version directly through Google, which may prove easier to read.

Key for links:

UKHRB UK Human Rights Blog
UKSCB UK Supreme Court Blog
1BC 1 Brick Court
NL Nearly Legal
IN Inforrm Blog
LGL Local Government Lawyer
GCC Garden Court Chambers
OJ Obiter J
FLW Family Law Week
1COR 1 Crown Office Row
JCWI Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
3TG 3 Temple Gardens
HRLC Human Rights Law Centre

5 thoughts on “Case table

  1. Greetings
    This is a very interesting exercise in providing legal information and a useful one at that. I was interested to note that it goes beyond the cases noted on your site. I was very impressed with the embedding of the case from Bailii – nice touch.
    One of my interests is access to legal information and I am impressed by the blog and now that you provide case information even more so. You are taking the blog as a legal information website into a new dimension. In the past – and I am talking many years ago – legal information websites were static. The advent of Web 2.0 and the blog format has taken that another step forward but in doing so issues of commentary have given way to hard law. You have managed to combine both for some time, and with the addition of your case law database have placed an emphasis on hard law. You are setting the bench mark for truly useful law blogs. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is amazing, I work for a small (and disreputable) law firm and we never keep up-to-date with caselaw, this will help immensely, thank you so much

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