PKU boy to be treated with Kuvan after High Court ruling

You may remember the podcast discussion between me, Rosalind English, and David Hart QC earlier in the summer about the NHS decision not to fund the drug Kuvan for the amelioration of symptoms of a boy suffering from  phenylketonuria (PKU) and severe autism. The podcast concerned a High Court ruling that the health service should review its decision not to fund the drug Kuvan.

As I mentioned in the original report, the judge did warn the boy’s family against being too optimistic, saying

however much one might hope that on the next occasion the panel will decide that the net additional expenditure of treating S with Kuvan would be justified … they could still lawfully decide to refuse funding.

However, the judge’s caution has not been borne out by events. On Friday 29th September it was reported that NHS England has agreed to provide the drug to treat his PKU, which if left unchecked can lead to complications including brain damage.

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One thought on “PKU boy to be treated with Kuvan after High Court ruling

  1. Kuvan is a Patented Drug.
    The process – a funded project for Scientists to develop a novel strain be in virus, insect or other. Alongside in the Collaborative team Pharmaceutical companies are sold or given the know how.
    Every Patented drug should be banned so stop Scientists continue evil deeds.
    Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Soon they will agree!!!

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