Fighting hate with human rights

RightsInfo needs your help on a new campaign to show how protecting human rights is the best way to prevent bigotry, hatred and the rise of the far right. 

We’ve all been shocked at the scenes of extremists on the march again. We need your help to fight back against these poisonous ideologies by producing a film for the International Day of Tolerance (16 November 2017), highlighting the discrimination and dehumanisation common to all genocides, and a series of other videos and features.

The crowdfunder launched this morning and we have already reached our first target of £4,000. Now we are working towards the stretch target of £9,000. Can you help?

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One thought on “Fighting hate with human rights

  1. Why don’t you help distraught families in the UK. Do a Consultation with distressed families who has No Human Rights. Stop asking for donations. we are poor people that needs help to see our loved ones who has been stolen by this lawless state. Human Rights my foot.. Dan ________________________________

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