New podcast on radicalisation

Just posted: Marina Wheeler QC in conversation with Rosalind English about efforts to preempt and limit the influence of extremist materials on children in the family courts. In this interview Marina also discusses the implementation of the government’s counterterrorism “Prevent” strategy against adults who are suspected of starting down a pathway towards terrorism but who have as yet committed no crime. The podcast is now available on iTunes as Episode 8 in our series.

To listen, click on the Law Pod UK banner on the top right hand of the home page.  You can access this and other free episodes of Law Pod UK, including David Hart QC on the Brexit Bill and its implications for the environment. Read more about David Hart’s concerns about the potential loss of right to sue for breach of EU law under the rule in Francovich in The Times:

3 thoughts on “New podcast on radicalisation

  1. I am unable to load LAWPOD.
    I have no desire to join Apple?

    Please advise how Android users can listen to these blogs.

  2. “… suspected of starting down a pathway towards terrorism….”
    Pray I ask, what is the basis of identification.
    Who has developed this?
    I believe it will be inaccurate with several flaws, targetting and/or blaming innocent people.

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