Two new legal blogs

Two welcome additions to the legal blogosophere have just launched, both of which will be of interest to readers of this blog.

RightsNI (Twitter: @RightsNI) is a great looking human rights blog from Northern Ireland. It joins another fantastic blog from across the Irish Sea, the Human Rights in Ireland Blog. Rights NI already has a wide range of contributors including academics and human rights NGO workers. Recent posts include:

A little closer to home for the UK Human Rights Blog is EUtopia Law (Twitter: @Eutopialaw), produced by members of Matrix barristers’ chambers who also produce the fantastic UK Supreme Court Blog. The first and so far only post (fair enough; they launched yesterday) is something we have certainly touched upon on this blog:

One thought on “Two new legal blogs

  1. Good to see you giving some well deserved comment to new NI blog. It has made a great start by posting comments from myself about the sycophanticism and personal career building of the so-called Human Rights activists in NIHRC. Keep up the good work.

    Hugh Murphy

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